Full day boat tour on Lake Garda

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    Full day boat tour on Lake Garda, everyone on board

    The whole tour of Lake Garda

    This type of boat tour, lasting 7 hours, virtually allows you to visit the length and breadth of our splendid Lake Garda. By agreeing with the captain, you can decide which route to take and which attractions to visit or you can decide to let him choose the itinerary to be enchanted and surprised by all the hidden beauties of Lake Garda.

    Tour duration

    7 Hours


    Garda lake

    Full day

    Departure from the Valentino port in the historic center of Sirmione with destination the most beautiful attractions of Lake Garda including villas, islands, ports, diving, music and toasts. The completely customizable itinerary will allow you to have lunch in the most panoramic restaurants on the shores of Lake Garda. A unique and unforgettable experience.