Team building sirmione

Booking request for Team building Sirmione experience on a boat Lake Garda


    Team building Sirmione, everyone on board

    A unique group experience

    Sirmione Tour organizes Team building Sirmione tours by speedboat for companies that want their collaborators to experience an exciting experience that will create strong and fruitful bonds between them. A motorboat tour to discover the beauties of Sirmione and Lake Garda together with your colleagues and to all feel part of a big family, finding that team spirit that will bring the much hoped-for work result. On our motorboats it is possible to dance, eat and toast, for a unique and unforgettable experience. Corporate speedboat tours are completely customizable for times, ways and places.

    N.B. Sirmione tour is not a catering/restaurant service, any type of food/drink, where not specified, must be brought by the customer himself.